Today is a very special day at Zomex, after months of hard work we are happy to announce Mono for Blesta! We developed Mono from the ground up as the first of our next generation PHP templates with a new and automatic Blesta sync. So changes made to your the Mono PHP template will automatically be synced to the Blesta integration.

Blesta Template Mono

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Mono features

  • Responsive & Fluid - This template is fully responsive and fluid so instead of responding at certain breakpoints (e.g the iPhone) it responds when the design needs to so it will support all modern devices including those that are currently un-released such as the new iPhone.
  • Powerful Blesta Integration ($30/year) - We provide a optional Blesta integration template that will automatically sync with your PHP pages so changes to the header/footer/images/CSS are applied throughout all HTML and Blesta pages instantly without the need to edit the Blesta template files.
  • Settings File - We have implemented a simple settings file to this template allowing you to quickly enable/disable certain features. With this settings file you can edit the company name, animation, menu style, social settings etc
  • 3 Plan Design Layouts - We've added 3 design layouts to Mono including a pricing table, data table & feature boxes.
  • 3 Menu Layouts - We've added 3 menu layout options to Mono. The layout can be set via the settings file. The 3 layout options are mega menu, dropdown menu & basic menu.
  • Multi-Language Support - Mono also supports Google translate on all pages of both the template & Blesta. This can be enabled/disabled instantly using the settings file.
  • Search Engine Optimized - You can set your own SEO data on a per page basis. We have also put a lot of time into image optimization & correct code structure to ensure all of our templates are SEO friendly.
  • Unlimited Customization Opportunity - The HTML/PHP format of this template allows unlimited possibilities to customize it to your needs. For example you can create unlimited pages, change menu structures, add/remove settings & much more
  • 10 Hosting Pages - Professional sales pages for your hosting plans and other services. You can also create custom pages as needed using either of the 3 plan layouts.
  • Addons Affiliate Integration - Pages listing our templates & services which are hooked up to our affiliate program so you can earn commissions.
  • Social Integration - We've integrated 19 social networks including Facebook, Twitter & Google+ in the form of buttons throughout the template.
  • PHP Format - This template is in a PHP format so it makes use of PHP includes to allow the menu, footer and other repetitive areas of each page to be editable via 1 file.
  • HTML5/CSS3 - This template is coded using the latest and greatest languages. The code is also clean and properly indented making it easy to edit
  • The Best Support - We provide the best support in the industry as shown in our reviews. You can contact us by email & support tickets.

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Mono is also listed on the official Blesta Marketplace

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Mono is just one of our premium Blesta Themes.

Let us make switching your template a breeze

You can also hire us to transfer your existing content to your new theme ($100).

If you have any questions about our new Blesta templates please leave a comment below or contact us directly.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Thursday, November 15, 2018

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