Today we are very happy to announce that our popular WHMCS theme Glaze has now been updated with RTL support. This allows you to change the direction of text from left to right to right to left for languages of your choice. This is particularly important for languages such as Arabic. Glaze has now made it to our RTL WHMCS templates directory.

Glaze RTL WHMCS template

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How does it work?

A language can be set as RTL via the template language file e.g:


When a language is set to RTL and it's selected on the website the template will load a overiding CSS file (rtl.css) which will override all CSS position from the left to the right. When a LTR language is selected (such as English) the rtl.css file will no longer be loaded so the template will default back to left alignment.

How to update Glaze with RTL support

We have created a easy to follow guide on how to update your Glaze WHMCS template with RTL support:

If you have any questions about Glaze or the new RTL support please leave a comment below or contact us directly.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Saturday, November 3, 2018

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