For some time now we have been planning to merge our PHP templates & HTML templates together creating one format. The reason for this is our PHP templates are very similar to our HTML templates but come with some huge benefits. Our PHP templates are mostly made up of HTML but as they are structured in a PHP format they have many benefits over our HTML format including:

  • The ability to edit main parts of the template in one file (such as the menus, footer, header etc) which will automatically update all pages within the template including WHMCS. For example if you want to add a new link to the main menu you only need to edit 1 file and it will update on all pages of the template.
  • The automatic synchronisation of the header/footer with WHMCS meaning any edits made to your main template are automatically made to your WHMCS integration. For example if you edit the footer of your template in the single footer.php file it will automatically apply those changes to all of the template pages & all pages of WHMCS.
  • A uniform logged-in/logged-out menu which works on all pages of the template and WHMCS.
  • You benefit from the exact same structure and setup as we use for our own website.

By merging these two formats it will also allow us to be more efficient with our time allowing us to spend more time on new templates and features rather than updating two very similar formats each time WHMCS release a new version. It will also be less confusing for our new clients when it comes to deciding which format to go with.

We will be naming the new format HTML templates and removing the PHP templates references from Zomex. The new format is mostly made up of HTML which is why we will stick with that name but they will be formatted in a PHP structure for the benefits listed above.

What if I own a old HTML formatted template?

You will automatically gain access to the new PHP/HTML hybrid format of your template as soon as it's available.

If you have any questions about this new change feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Sunday, May 20, 2018

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