WHMCS templates update - Quick Setup feature!

  • Sunday, 2nd July, 2017
  • 10:05am

quick setup whmcs templatesToday is a very special day, we have just launched a update for our WHMCS templates including Wizard Panel V1.8. This update sees a lot of new features including a new quick setup feature, clean integration of the new Marketplace connect pages, dynamic links to these pages & new Wizard Panel settings.


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What's new in Wizard Panel V1.8?

In this new version of our WHMCS templates we've included:

  • Quick setup feature - When enabled the template will replace the Wizard Panel hosting pages with links to your WHMCS cart pages. This allows you to setup your template very quickly as your categories/plans are all pulled from your WHMCS > products/services page. This means you don't need to re-enter your plans/pricing on the Wizard Panel hosting pages. Video demo >
  • We've implemented a new setting to remove the WHMCS templates link in the footer without editing the footer.tpl file
  • We've added marketplace connect links to the template linking to the new landing pages. These links will only display if you're using each module (website builder etc). We would like to thank Brian! from the WHMCS community for sharing this script with us.
  • Better integration of the marketplace connect pages including design and color scheme tweaks
  • Ability to remove the slideshow completely
  • We've added the new table2 design as HTML snippets. You can now use this table design on custom pages you create. This table is perfect for a unlimited amount of plans as it's easy to edit and well suited to a lot of plans.

How do I update my template?

whmcs v7 templatesAfter lots of testing we have created the written a guide on how to update your WHMCS template:

WHMCS template update guide

If you have any questions about Wizard Panel V1.8 or our templates please do leave a comment below.


Jack Curtis - CEO,


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.

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