We're happy to announce the launch of two new WHMCS modules, each of these modules were originally developed for Zomex.com but we have decided to make them available to the WHMCS community.

WHMCS affiliates land anywhere

Using the WHMCS affiliates land anywhere module you can setup an unlimited amount of landing pages your affiliates. This will allow your affiliates to increase their conversion rate by linking to targeted pages on your website such as the sales or checkout pages rather than the default WHMCS homepage.


  • Supports any website - As long as you use WHMCS for your affiliate program you can setup landing pages no matter whether your website uses Wordpress or is a static HTML website.
  • Easy to setup with unlimited landing pages - This WHMCS module is very easy to setup, simple edit the 1 PHP file with your custom landing pages then upload the 2 PHP files to your WHMCS installation. We have a full installation guide in our documentation.
  • Free sample integration code - We've included some sample code which you can easily edit with your landing page URLs and display to your affiliates in WHMCS under setup > general settings > affiliates > Affiliate Links

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WHMCS SEO enhancer

Using our WHMCS SEO enhancer you can define a custom page title, meta description, tags & canonical URL for all of the pages in WHMCS. If you're using one of our web hosting templates this module comes pre-integrated


  • Add and forget module - All you need to do is add your SEO data to the file, install and then you can forget about it while it enhances your WHMCS's SEO.
  • Free module updates - This WHMCS module includes free updates, we will update it for future versions of WHMCS and provide these updates for free.
  • Used by Zomex - We use this SEO WHMCS module on our own website and have been benefiting from its functionality for a long time.

Learn More Order module ($20)

If you have any questions about our new WHMCS modules please do leave a comment below.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Sunday, September 11, 2016

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