We're happy to announce the launch of Wizard Panel V1.6. This new version is a maintenance update for the recent TemplateGenie.com merge including the update of links/text and the addons affiliate pages. Wizard Panel V1.6 is a update for all of our WHMCS templates.

Update guide Order update service (only $15)

Why update?

While this is a maintenance update it includes some nice changes:

  • The addition of support, documentation and addons links on the modules page
  • Removal of the TemplateGenie branding in favour of Zomex.
  • Updates to the template addons pages making use of the Zomex affiliate program instead of TemplateGenie
  • Fully tested and working perfectly in the up and coming WHMCS V7

If you have any questions about Wizard Panel V1.6 feel free to leave a comment below.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Sunday, September 11, 2016

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