Two weeks ago we made the decision to merge the client area/ordering/support of our sister website with our parent website This process has now been completed, if you had a order/account with your account/products/invoices/tickets are now accessible as normal via

Why we decided to merge client areas

It took a considerable amount of time to maintain 2 websites. As provided the same templates/support/pricing as every time we created a new template, updated a template, updated our website, made a announcement etc this had to be done on two websites so it took double the amount of time for every update. We also were providing support on two different systems which can only slow down the process. Both websites had to be marketed with the social media presence maintained and it become a conflict over which website was best to put our time into. This will no longer be the case going forward and we are very excited to share the benefits of this change.

The benefit to all of our customers

Now the merge has been completed all of current & future customer's will benefit from:

  • an even quicker release of template updates
  • ability to spend more time on template development and enhancements
  • quicker support thanks to everything being accessed on 1 website
  • better account management/client area features
  • less confusion, there was always a lot of confusion between the connection of & such as support tickets submit from wrong accounts etc

What about the website? will remain as it is but with all orders/support/account access redirecting to and taking place on We will still update so it's up to date with our templates, pricing and features. Fans of can continue to browse our products as normal while being redirected to seamlessly for ordering & support.

The future is bright

We can now focus on enhancing our existing templates and developing new ones expect to see big announcements over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions about the merge feel free to leave a comment below.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Monday, September 5, 2016

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