We're happy to announce the launch of the first PHP based WHMCS template. We'd like to welcome you to Prosper, a powerful, responsive PHP template that comes with a optional matching WHMCS template that syncs with your PHP pages!

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Why PHP?

This template makes use of lots of useful functions of PHP the most important being PHP includes, this allows you to update the header/footer/menu on all PHP and WHMCS pages from 1 single file. This makes both setting up and editing your website very quick and easy. The PHP template is lighting fast as it's mostly HTML and CSS where possible. What makes this format special is that it's also the same format we use for Zomex.com.


  • Automatic WHMCS sync - We include a optional WHMCS integration template which can be selected during checkout. The integration is clean and best of all it automatically syncs with your PHP pages so changes to the header/footer/images/CSS are automatically updated throughout all PHP and WHMCS pages making your website quick to edit and consistent. We've also implemented a logged-in/out toolbar menu which syncs perfectly between the PHP and WHMCS pages, it's also editable in a single file for all pages.
  • Easy 1 file edits - These templates use PHP includes allowing you to update consistent parts of the template (such as the menu, footer, head etc) in one file. Changes made to the include files are automatically updated on all pages including WHMCS.
  • Animations - We've implemented clean but powerful animations throughout the template bringing focus to the most important areas of each page such as the plan tables & call-to-actions.
  • Sticky menu - A sticky menu has been highly requested by our customer's so we've implemented it on the main menu on all pages. The menu will now stick to the top of the browser allowing your visitors to easily navigate throughout your website. We've also added this feature to the steps bar on the cart pages allowing your visitors to easily follow the checkout process.
  • Responsive & fluid - Prosper is fully responsive meaning it'll automatically adjust to fit the the device used to view the template.

New to Zomex?

We've been developing and proving premium templates since 2009, Prosper is our latest and greatest template and we feel it's one of the best templates available for WHMCS. We also provide what we feel is the best support of any WHMCS template provider (ticket feedback score), this is included free with your template.If you're new to the web hosting industry and WHMCS we also provide a selection of optional services such as WHMCS configuration, automatic plan setup & more.

Using another one of our templates?

You can purchase our Prosper PHP template using coupon code gothirdgen for a $20 existing customer discount.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Monday, June 13, 2016

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