Oct 29th The best WHMCS web hosting templates just got better! (V3)

After months of hard work and sleepless nights version 3.0 of our WHMCS themes is here! This amazing update sees a lot of changes based on feedback received over the last few months and ideas I've had. CLICK HERE TO VIEW TEMPLATES New features MASSIVE SEO update - Video Demo - Define custom page titles (rather than the WHMCS Company Name ... Read More »

Jul 29th Zomex mascot re-design!

The first mascot was designed about a year ago, I was shocked to see how much value the mascot added to the Zomex brand and community. It was as this point I realised it was time to invest in a re-design and final version of the mascot as I believe I owed it to our loyal customers & supporters. It's now been 6 months since I made that decision ... Read More »

Jul 17th Zomex needs your help to name a new tutorial area!

Over the next month I will be creating a new area on Zomex dedicated to providing the best website related articles from creating your first website all the way to generating an income online! I will also be writing requested tutorials related to other products & services I provide such as WHMCS Templates & web hosting. I'm very ... Read More »

Jun 7th WHMCS Template ~ Dropdown Menu Added To Blue Blaze

Blue Blaze whmcs template preview

After a few requests I've added a dropdown menu to my latest WHMCS template, Blue Blaze.

May 23rd New WHMCS Template - Say Hello To Blue Blaze!

Blue Blaze whmcs template preview

Blue Blaze is our latest and greatest WHMCS based web hosting template. This template features everything you need in a website!

May 14th Welcome our new WHMCS template - Orange Fusion

orange fusion whmcs template preview

Orange Fusion is our latest WHMCS website which comes feature packed with the usual goodies you would expect from us but with a new design.

May 13th WHMCS Templates Updated For Version 4.5!

I have updated all of the WHMCS templates for the up and coming release of WHMCS version 4.5. The new version of WHMCS comes feature packed with multiple new shopping carts and a brand-new admin template!

Mar 27th Our Reseller Store Is Here!

After many requests from our affiliates we have invested time and money into creating a professional reseller store to make lifetime commissions even easier to come by. The reseller store comes with over 10 ready-made pages which list of all the services we offer. After adding your affiliate ID to one file it's automatically applied to every ... Read More »

Mar 26th We now accept direct credit/debit card payments!

After a number of recent requests from our clients we have incorporated a new payment gateway (2checkout) which allows us to accept credit/debit card payments directly for any of our services. To make a credit/debit card payment for any new/existing services simply select Credit/debit card from the payment dropdown field on the top right of your ... Read More »

Mar 9th New website redesign!

Over the last month I've been working on a new re-design for the website which is now live! While similar to the old website the new design has a much more professional feel to it and makes it easier to navigate. The new design makes use of HTML, CSS & javascript compression. All of the old functions have now been replaced with modern jQuery ... Read More »