It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of Blue Blaze V3.5. This update can be applied without any loss of customizations made to Blue Blaze V3.4.

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V3.5 update

  • 4 new hosting pages - Screenshot - like the existing 6 these pages are all editable via Wizard Panel and can be re-named to any type of product/service.
  • Wizard Panel enhancements - Screenshot - We've focused a lot on removing un-used content from Wizard Panel. For example in the screenshot as the table layout is selected only the table UI is shown (no boxes), as 3 plans are selected only 3 columns of the table are shown making it easier to edit. This feature was inspired by seeing users deleting the text of un-used plans.
  • Other updates include: Adding a Google+ on/off setting to Wizard Panel, Converting payment terms on the boxes layout to use input fields rather than dropdowns allowing complete freedom over the payment term. Some bug fixes

Will I loose customizations by upgrading?

Updates to Wizard Panel, template files, language files will be safe as long as you follow the upgrade instructions carfully.

How to upgrade

If you have the Blue Blaze all versions you will find the upgrade files inside your account under My Account > My Products > Manage > Downloads. The download includes a link to our tutorial explaining exactly how to upgrade your Blue Blaze template.

If you have Blue Blaze V3.4 without the future versions you'll need to upgrade to all future versions which is priced at only $30/year (this price is based on you already having purchased Slick Host V3.4) and grants you instant access to all future versions of Slick Host. Click the button below to order this addon.

Order V3.5 & All Future Versions Of Blue Blaze

Note: This is a manual process so please allow up to 24 hours for us to upgrade your plan.

Upgrade service

We can complete the upgrade for you for only $30. Once your order is complete we will ask you which files if any have been modified. We will then go ahead upgrade your template manually without any loss to changes you've made to V3.4.

Order Professional Upgrade Service

I have a different template, will it be updated?

Yes, we are working on updating all complete templates. All templates will be updated one by one, updates for all templates will include:

- 4 new hosting pages
- Wizard Panel enhancements

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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