For a long time we've been planning to provide a WHMCS security service to help WHMCS users further enhance the security of their website. Today I'm proud to announce that this new service is now available.

The security service is broken down into 2 levels of security which are level 1 and level 2. Both levels involve us taking a detailed look at your WHMCS files/website structure and advising you on anything that we recommend changing/removing (for example copies of old WHMCS files is something we see frequently).

Level 1: This involves completing the WHMCS recommend extra security steps (renaming the admin directory, moving certain directories so they are not publicly accessible and setting up admin-based restriction based on password authentication or IP deny.

Level 2: This involves everything listed in level 1 and the removal of all un-used modules/gateways/servers. As WHMCS is built in a modular way it allows you to delete the files of any un-used modules without effecting your installation. By removing un-used modules you are reducing the security risk of your install as the less files your WHMCS is made up of the less potential for exploits. For example if you don't use the payment gateway 2CheckOut we will remove the 2CheckOut files. If a exploit is found in these files in future your install will be safe as the files won't exist on your WHMCS.

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New WHMCS integration option

As you may know we provide the option for us to use the portal or default template as a base for your integration. We've now added a new option which is using a modified version of the portal template that is fully responsive. This template is based on what we built for Zomex and includes a custom cart template to match. This option is now available to select during checkout of this service and is great for customer's with a responsive website.

Jack Curtis

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

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