Here at Zomex we believe in Internet freedom and privacy. Over the last few years a new virtual currency has been gaining in popularity named Bitcoin. Bitcoins can be traded between any country allowing us to cater for customers from countries that are blocked by other payment gateways. It's also the most private currency in existence which we believe is a big step towards a more fair world.

What makes Bitcoin really special is the way it's been developed. The amount of Bitcoins in existence has been mathematically developed so the value of each Bitcoin is not effected long-term. Modern day currencies become weaker over-time due to more of that currency being introduced (through money printing also known as Quantitive Easing, bank loads etc) which causes inflation (the weakening of the currency - I.E higher prices). The limited supply of Bitcoins means it's likely to become a stronger currency than modern day currencies. A good comparison is gold/silver which is limited by how much can be mined each year when compared to currencies such as GBP, USD which can and are being printed out of thin further weakening its value.

Who accepts Bitcoins?

Some popular companies that accept Bitcoins are:

  • Reddit
  • Namecheap

All previous forms of payment still accepted

We understand that Bitcoin is not for everyone. We've added Bitcoin as a option for customer's who favour it or are from countries that are blocked by other gateways. All of our previous payment methods are still accepted (PayPal, credit/debit card, bank transfer).

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Friday, August 23, 2013

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