We've now updated our CSS Mega Menu so it's fully responsive thus will support all devices from a large desktop screen all the way down to a small iPhone screen. If you've already purchased our mega menu you'll have instant access to the new files now inside your account.

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New features

  • Responsive - Our mega menu is now responsive meaning it will repond to whichever device your vistors are using whether that's a iPhone or a large desktop computer.
  • Feature images - We've added a example of images used in the dropdown container. This allows you to promote the most important services/links in each tab.
  • New icon implementation - We've added a example of how you can add a small new icon to the top right of links. This allows you to show your visitors which links have recently been added to your menu.
  • HTML5 - We've converted the mega menu to HTML5

Note: the old menu versions are still available in the same download. We've updated the download including the new version.

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Jack Curtis - CEO,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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