I'm very excited to announce that the new Zomex.com website has been launched. We've been working on it a few hours a day for the last 3 months and couldn't be more excited with the results so far.

The new website is similar in terms of design but the code has been completely re-done from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3. You will also notice that the website is slightly wider and..... responsive!

Some key features:

  • Completely re-coded with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Fluid & responsive - should look good on 99% of modern devices from your desktop all the way down to your iPhone
  • Some design enhancements such as the background image, menu images, gravitar when logged-in etc
  • More detailed product pages & improved UI
  • More custom WHMCS integration - we've opted to use the portal template as a base and build on it over time
  • Responsive checkout and simplified ordering process
  • Cleaner & easy to navigate client area


We would love to hear your feedback. Which do you like the most and where can we make improvements? Please leave your comments below, we can't wait to hear from you!

Zomex customers will benefit

What prompted us to re-design our website was our customer's enthusiasm for responsive web design and mobile websites. Many of you contacted us asking for responsive templates/scripts and we have listened. We felt it was necessary to put our knowledge of responsive web design to the test on our own website first before creating responsive products without seeing the results first-hand. Now this is completed you can expect to see such features integrated into existing and new products. As you know we make a lot of code/scripts we design & build for Zomex available on our code/scripts page, you can expect to see a update with new scripts/code in a few days.

Any bugs?

As we've re-coded the website from the ground up a few bugs may have slipped us by. If you find any bugs we'll be very grateful if you can report them in the comments section below.

The Zomex lab & community

We decided to no longer integrate our websites design with the Zomex lab and community as we felt it would slow down future updates to the website and take away time from building premium products. So we've changed the design of both the lab and community so they are separate.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

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