Over the last 6 months we've been working relentlessly on our first web hosting wordpress theme. Today it gives me great pleasure to announce this theme and show you what makes it so special. I decided to bring the Eco Net design to Wordpress first as it's our newest WHMCS template and its structure allows the power of Wordpress to shine.

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Before I list all of the features I want to make it clear that this isn't a ordinary theme, it comes with a optional addon that includes a WHMCS module and template that syncs with Wordpress. For example you could have Wordpress installed in root with WHMCS and the matching template installed in a sub-directory (e.g domain.com/clients/). Every change you make to the menu, Wizard Panel, CSS, pages, footer, sidebar via your Wordpress admin panel will be automatically applied to the WHMCS template so they sync exactly. As you may know existing solutions for Wordpress to WHMCS synchronization tend to be un-reliable, here at Zomex we believe this very theme provides a solution to that problem.

Some of the theme features

Exclusive settings area

wordpress theme option panel

Easily upload your logo, favicon, generate shortcode for pricing tables/feature boxes, adjust display options & more!

Create & edit unlimited pages

create/edit unlimited pages

Easily create/edit/delete pages via your Wordpress admin panel. Using the WUSIWUG editor editing pages is a breeze.


Easily edit the menu

wordpress theme menu editing

This theme supports multi-level dropdowns menus. These menus can be setup/edited easily using Wordpress's menus page.

Widgetized sidebar & footer

Widgetized wordpress theme

Quickly & easily add/edit/delete pre-defined content blocks (widgets) to the sidebar/footer areas. There's also a HTML widget allowing you to add any content.

Shortcode generator

wordpress shortcode generator

Instantly grab the shortcode from inside Wizard Panel (multiple options) and paste in posts/pages to add easy to edit tables/feature boxes/buttons to your website.

Blog functionality

wordpress theme blog functionality

This theme comes with the ability to create unlimited blogs. Simple create categories from inside your Wordpress admin panel and assign posts to them.


Two page layout options

wordpress page layout options

Pages created support both one column (no sidebar) and two column (sidebar) layouts. Our included shortcodes also support both layout options. The column layout can also be changed for the WHMCS template.


Matching WHMCS templates ($50)

matching Wordpress theme

This optional addon includes our exclusive module that connects WHMCS to Wordpress and a matching WHMCS template that syncs with Wordpress (menu, widgets, Wizard Panel etc)

Quality guides/documentation

wordpress theme guides

We have over 6 guides to get you started with this theme. They include assistance with installation, setting up your theme and much more.


Social integration

wordpress theme social integration

This theme comes with 3 social areas. They are at the top of the page, to the right of the logo and above the footer. Using Wizard Panel you can instantly add your social URLs and adjust display options.


The best support

wordpress theme support

We provide the best support in the industry. You can contact us by email, support tickets or even create a thread on our community forum.


Fully Customizable

fully customizeable wordpress theme

This theme is fully customizable. So while it is build for web hosting resellers/providers it can be tweaked for any type of website/business.


Multi-level dropdown

wordpress theme multi level dropdown menu

Eco Net features a CSS based (no slow/bad SEO javascript) multi-level dropdown that's fully customizable from inside your Wordpress admin panel.


Domain checker

wordpress theme support

We've added a powerful domain checker to the homepage. This can be hooked up with WHMCS easily or removed completely by turning it off in Wizard Panel.


Questions and answers


How does the WHMCS template/sync work?

Wordpress and WHMCS would be installed in separate directories on your same domain/web hosting account. WHMCS then connects with Wordpress using our exclusive WHMCS module and the template is developed in a way that it automatically updates based on your edits to the Wordpress theme. So it will automatically sync with your menus/pages/widgets. The only thing it won't sync is plugins but you can still use supported (about 80% should work fine) ones on the Wordpress side.

Is this theme only suitable for web hosting companies?

No, while our themes come with web hosting related images/content they are fully customizable so can be used for any type of business.

If I use this theme for a web hosting business do I need WHMCS?

We do recommend using WHMCS for your web hosting business as it allows you to automate billing/account provisioning. However, you could use just the Wordpress theme along with any payment gateway that allows you to generate order buttons/links (PayPal for example).

Do I have to have hosting with Zomex?

No, all you need is a hosting account (any provider) that supports Wordpress and WHMCS (if you would like to matching WHMCS template).

Does this theme require HTML experience?

No, we've built this theme to make use of Wordpress's built-in features which means you can edit/manage your theme directly from your Wordpress admin-panel without touching any code. That includes creating pages, adjusting the menu, adding content to the sidebar/footer, uploading your logo & much more!

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

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