A personal thank you to all of our customer's

Firstly I would like to thank you for your understanding and patience with regards to the launch of WHMCS V5.2.1, we beta tested all templates but at the later stages of the beta period changes were made to how WHMCS (in our case Wizard Panel). This caused problems with our module and many other third party modules which is why we recommended holding back from upgrading and instead installing the patches until now. Should you wish to upgrade you can now do so as we've got updates for all templates to resolve the problems caused by WHMCS 5.2 (details below).

The main change to functionality

We've managed to tweak the Wizard Panel files so it supports WHMCS V5.2.1, there has been 1 major change in terms of functionality, we had to move the template languages strings from /modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/ so they now must be added to the default WHMCS language folders (/lang/ or /lang/overrides/). In terms of functionality there's no differences, the only difference is purely where the language strings must be edited in future. We may move them back to the old location in the future but we felt it was a better move to take any steps necessary to support V5.2.1 as soon as possible rather than spend longer trying to support the old functionality.

How to upgrade WHMCS to V5.2.1

Please refer to WHMCS's guide on upgrading to V5.2.1:


Hire us to complete this upgrade for just $40 one time!

Important: If you hire us to upgrade WHMCS make sure you install the security patch for your current version first as it can take up to 30 hours for us to complete this service from the time of your order:


How to upgrade your template

Existing customers

The following tutorials show you how to upgrade your template to support WHMCS V5.2.1, you must have already upgraded your WHMCS installation to V5.2.1 otherwise there is no need to upgrade your template (due to changes to WHMCS custom pages these files won't work in older versions).

V3.4 WHMCS template upgrade guide - V3.4 is the latest and most used version, if your template includes either Wizard Panel or the older version Zomex Template Manager it's V3.4.

V3.3 WHMCS template upgrade guide - V3.3 is the version before our settings area was made admin-based.

V3.2 WHMCS template upgrade guide - V3.2 is a old version of the templates.

Standard upgrade guide - V3.2 is a old version of the templates.

Hire us to complete this upgrade for just $14.99 one time! (v3.2 - v3.4)

New customers

We've created a new zip download for all templates specifically for V5.2+. So you can use this which will work with WHMCS 5.2 as soon as installed without the need of following this guide.

Don't want to upgrade?

No problem! there is no need to upgrade to WHMCS 5.2 if you don't want to but remember to install the security patch(s) WHMCS released for your current version:


Jack Curtis - CEO,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

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