All prior templates function perfectly in 5.1 - this is a update for the additional 5.1 features if desired

We have finished re-integrating all templates with the new WHMCS 5.1 default template, all downloads have been updated. The new features include:

- Domain Addons
- Domain Manage Buttons
- Ajaxified Server Status
- Search in Category for KB
- Maintenance Mode Redirect Option
- Latest Bootstrap CSS framework

As you can see this is more of a maintenance upgrade but the domain addons are a exciting addition to this version.

How do I upgrade?

See our guide below for 3 upgrade scenarios:


Is this upgrade required?

No, all prior versions work perfectly. This is only required if you wish to make use of the new 5.1 features (in the front end).

Will I have to re-do changes to the settings area?

No, all changes made in the settings area will be retained, only changes to the template files will have to be re-done (in some cases)


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Jack Curtis - CEO,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

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