I've been very busy since WHMCS released V5.0 integrating all templates with the new client area design. I'm happy to announce I have finally finished and the result is a beautiful and clean client area that is easier to understand and navigate for your clients.

If you're on our $30/year plan you can now login to your account and download the new version (V3.2). If you're not but wish to upgrade scroll down slightly for a exclusive discount.

Note: V3.2 does require WHMCS 5.0

Live demos: http://www.zomex.com/templates/whmcs/

If you're happy with your current setup that's great, there's no need to upgrade if you're not interested in doing so.

Wish To Upgrade?

If you're using an older version of our template and would like to either purchase V3.2 ($30 one time) or our plan for all future versions ($30/year) it couldn't be easier. Simply head to zomex.com/templates/whmcs/ and use the following coupon code during checkout for your discount as a valued Zomex customer:


V3.2 Key Features

- Integration with the new WHMCS 5.0 client area template
-- New look for the content area of all default WHMCS pages
-- Only 3 images used making it very fast
-- Easily customisable
-- Easier to navigate and beginner friendly
-- Social integration in the announcement pages with a Facebook based comment system
- Ability to force the SSL on a per page basis using the settings area

For a full list of changes see the link below:


Upgrading From Previous Versions

If you've only made changes to the settings area of your template you can upgrade easily. Simply replicate your current settings to the configuration_template_sample.php file, rename it to configuration_template.php, upload as normally and then activate templatename-v3-2 from inside the admin panel (setup > general settings > template). Note: No language changes have been made since V3.1 so you don't need to add any language text if you're upgrading from V3.1.

Unfortunately due to the amount of changes required to integrate the V5 client area template it wasn't possible to write a guide on how to do this manually. If you have custom pages the .php file will work as normal and the .tpl file can be added to the new template directory and will function as before.

I understand that upgrades can be annoying as well as exciting so on the next couple of versions I will be focusing on upgrades that will be easy to apply such as new pages.

What's To Come?

Over the next month I will be writing documentation on how to customise/add to your template. For example I understand that WHMCS's guide on creating pages is not very beginner friendly so I'll be re-writing this specifically relating to our templates.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Friday, December 2, 2011

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