Today WHMCS released a the V5.3.12 patch, this update includes some updates to only our non-responsive templates (as they are based on the default WHMCS template which is the only updated template for this version) included in this announcement. You can view the guide for your template below. We also provide a reliable WHMCS upgrade service and patch installation service which can be ordered below.

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If you're using one of our responsive WHMCS templates you do not need to do any updates and can ignore this announcement as there was no updates to the portal template for WHMCS V5.3.12 which is what our responsive templates use for the WHMCS pages.


WHMCS v5.3.12 patch installation guide for WHMCS templates (including Wordpress sync for non-responsive templates)

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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