We are pleased to announce that our new and exclusive responsive HTML email template is here. Flex Mail is a very powerful email template that is responsive and comes with out of the box easy WHMCS integration replacing all WHMCS system emails (invoices, tickets, welcome, emails, mass mail etc) instantly with this elegant and clean design.

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Email template features

  • Responsive* - This email template will respond to fit modern devices such as smart phones (iPhone) and tablets (iPad).
  • Elegant design - Flex Mail features a stunning design that is very clean and modern.
  • Footer links - A footer menu that resembles what you would see on a website, it allows you to link to important pages of your website, they also adjust for mobile devices so they are more bold and easy to select.
  • Call to action banners - 2 and 1 column banners allow you to promote the most important products/services/areas on your website.
  • Social integration - Social networks are vital to your business, we've integrated Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly in this email template to help you gain followers.
  • Dynamic WHMCS content - Your logo, company name, unsubscribe URL etc are pulled from WHMCS automatically. It's also got built-in fall back so for example if you don't have a logo set it WHMCS it'll display your company name in text instead.
  • Fully customizable - You can modify every aspect of this template. Changing the colors to match your brand can be done in 5 minutes of editing.
  • Unsubscribe & legal information - We've implemented the very important unsubscribe link (WHMCS), your address and legal information to ensure your email is compliant with CAN-SPAM.
  • As used by Zomex - We practise what we preach by using this exact template for our own system emails sent by WHMCS.

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Jack Curtis - CEO,

Monday, December 15, 2014

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