We are pleased to announce that Slick Host V3.8 is here. This new version sees multi-language support added to the feature boxes & comparison tables, new Wizard Panel settings, a slimmed down login page, addons affiliate integration & more!

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New in V3.8

  • Full multi-language support - new! - (Video Demo) - One of the most highly requested feature from existing customer's was multi-language support for the pricing tables and feature boxes. We've now implemented this feature allowing you to enable multi-language support for sections of Wizard Panel of your choice.
  • Addons affiliate integration - new! - (Video Demo) - We've added all of the templates & services from our white label website zomex.com allowing you to earn high commissions by provide them to your customer's. These pages can be displayed as HTML or a iframe integration (allows your customer's to purchase directly on your website under your brand without leaving). Setup is as easy as adding your zomex.com affiliate ID to Wizard Panel, you also have control over this templates & services you list on your website.
  • Plan highlighting - new! - (Video Demo) - We've implemented plan highlighting directly in Wizard Panel allowing you full control over which plans you highlight on the homepage feature boxes and all hosting pages with both layouts
  • Pricing tables minify - new! - (Video Demo) - This template supports the ability to display full pricing tables or a preview with full comparison dropdown option for all hosting pages.
  • Slimmed down login page - new! - (View Demo) - It's very popular now for large web hosting customer's having a very slimmed down login page, this feature was requested by our customer's so we've implemented it professionally in Vortex.
  • Wizard Panel based HTML snippets - new! - (Video Demo) - We've implemented all of the HTML snippets for Orbit directly inside Wizard Panel so they are easy to access and use.
  • Domain checker pricing in Wizard Panel - new! - We've implemented the domain checker TLDs and pricing in Wizard Panel so it's easy to edit and update.
  • Wizard Panel V1.3 - new! - Vortex features the latest version of Wizard Panel which includes design enhancements, multi language support, plan highlighting, full comparison settings, domain checker settings, plan descriptions, addons affiliate category, HTML snippets & more!

How to upgrade

If you have the Slick Host all versions you will find the upgrade files inside your Zomex.com account under My Account > My Products > Manage > Downloads. See "upgrade process" below for details on how to upgrade.

If you have Slick Host V3.7 or lower without the future versions you'll need to upgrade to all future versions which is priced at only $30/year (this price is based on you already having purchased Slick Host) and grants you instant access to all future versions of Slick Host. Click the button below to order this addon.

Slick Host V3.8 & All Future Versions Of Slick Host

Note: This is a manual process so please allow up to 24 hours for us to upgrade your plan.

Upgrade process?

We've written a guide on how to upgrade below:


Hire us to complete your upgrade

We can complete this upgrade for you for $30, you can hire us by ordering below:

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Jack Curtis - CEO,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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