After 4 months of development I'm happy to announce the release of our next generation responsive WHMCS template, Vortex! This template has been built from the ground up using the latest HTML5/CSS3 technologies. It's also fully responsive, features full multi-language support, a new enhanced version of Wizard Panel & much more!

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This template includes all of the features of our existing templates + a selection of new ones based on customer feedback:

  • Responsive - (Video Demo) - adjusts to fit the device viewing it, whether your visitor is using a large desktop, smartphone or future device at X width this template will respond to fit ensuring your website looks perfect and is fully functional.
  • Mega menu - (Video Demo) - fully CSS based (no Javascript used ensuring speed and better device support).
  • Custom cart template - (View Demo) - highly optimised cart to ensure a high conversion rate by removing the distractions throughout the checkout process such as the mega menu links and footer links.
  • Full multi-language support - new! - (Video Demo) - One of the most highly requested feature from existing customer's was multi-language support for the pricing tables and feature boxes. We've now implemented this feature allowing you to enable multi-language support for sections of Wizard Panel of your choice.
  • Shopping bag call to action (CTA) - new! - (Video Demo) - This feature is very powerful, when a customer adds a item to their cart if they then leave the cart for example go to the homepage the top left of the page will show a notice that their cart is full. This will help increase conversion rates.
  • Addons affiliate integration - new! - (Video Demo) - We've added all of the templates & services from our white label website allowing you to earn high commissions by provide them to your customer's. These pages can be displayed as HTML or a iframe integration (allows your customer's to purchase directly on your website under your brand without leaving). Setup is as easy as adding your affiliate ID to Wizard Panel, you also have control over this templates & services you list on your website.
  • Plan highlighting - new! - (Video Demo) - We've implemented plan highlighting directly in Wizard Panel allowing you full control over which plans you highlight on the homepage feature boxes and all hosting pages with both layouts
  • Slimmed down login page - new! - (View Demo) - It's very popular now for large web hosting customer's having a very slimmed down login page, this feature was requested by our customer's so we've implemented it professionally in Vortex.
  • Wizard Panel V1.3 - new! - Vortex features the latest version of Wizard Panel which includes design enhancements, multi language support, plan highlighting, full comparison settings, domain checker settings, plan descriptions, addons affiliate category, HTML snippets & more!

Existing customers

If you already own a Zomex WHMCS or Wordpress theme you can get a mega $20 discount when upgrading to this template. To take advantage of this discount use coupon code gonextgen during checkout while logged-in to your Zomex account.

How can I upgrade?

If you have a existing Zomex WHMCS template with Wizard Panel the upgrade process is easy as your existing Wizard Panel settings will instantly apply to this template once the files have been upgraded. All you'd need to do is upload the Vortex files (including Wizard Panel), then change your license key in Wizard Panel to your new Vortex key and all of your old settings will be retained and applied to this template instantly.

Due to sheer scale of this template the content & code are completely unique from any existing template so you may need customize the text based on your requirements (although as with all of our WHMCS template it's possible to launch just by adding your plans to Wizard Panel). Doing so is easy as 95% of the content on this theme is loaded from the included english.php file so you don't need to search through multiple files to find the text you're looking to edit.

Note: We always recommend taking a full backup of your files and database before performing any kind of upgrade.

Upgrade/customization service

If you would like to upgrade to this template but would prefer us to complete this for you contact us today and we'll be happy to send you a quote for whichever level of upgrade/customization you require.

We would love to hear from you

If you have any questions or feedback about this template at all please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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