We've completely re-developed Slick Host to bring you V3.6! Slick Host is now responsive, HTML5/CSS3 based, includes a custom cart template & more!

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V3.6 update

For V3.6 we have re-developed Slick Host from the ground up. When upgrading to V3.6 all of your existing Wizard Panel data will be safe and applied to the new version automatically. You will need to re-add your logo and any customisations you wish to transfer from V3.5.

  • Responsive - adjusts to fit the device viewing it, whether your visitor is using a large desktop, smartphone or future device at X width this template will respond to fit ensuring your website looks perfect and is fully functional.
  • Mega menu - fully CSS based (no Javascript used ensuring speed and better device support).
  • Custom cart template - (View Demo) - highly optimised cart to ensure a high conversion rate. Features a shopping bag contents box, steps bar & simplified checkout process. We've also removed the distractions throughout the checkout process such as the mega menu links and footer links.
  • RTL support - (View Demo) - define languages of your choice as RTL and when your visitor selects a RTL language the template will automatically adjust so it's align correctly.
  • Plan highlighting - easily highlight 1 plan on each page as popular so it's highlighted with a darker color and ribbon icon
  • Intelligent settings - (Video Demo) - Slick Host automatically adjusts based on your Wizard Panel settings. This allows you to remove table columns and more.
  • Custom pages - we've included a affiliate, why choose us and testimonial page with this template.

How to upgrade

If you have the slick Host all versions you will find the upgrade files inside your Zomex.com account under My Account > My Products > Manage > Downloads. See "upgrade process" below for details on how to upgrade.

If you have slick Host V3.5 or V3.4 without the future versions you'll need to upgrade to all future versions which is priced at only $30/year (this price is based on you already having purchased slick Host V3.5 or V3.4) and grants you instant access to all future versions of slick Host. Click the button below to order this addon.

Order V3.6 & All Future Versions Of slick Host

Note: This is a manual process so please allow up to 24 hours for us to upgrade your plan.

Upgrade process?

To upgrade simply download the new V3.6 version from inside your account. Upload the following:

upload/configuration_template_v3-4.php upload/testimonials.php upload/why-choose-us.php upload/affiliate-program.php upload/modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/ - all Wizard Panel settings will be safe but this will override the V3.4 language files with the new ones for V3.5 upload/templates/slick-host-v3-6/ upload/templates/orderforms/

Once uploaded go to WHMCS admin > setup > general settings - activate slick-host-v3-6, then click on the ordering tab and activate slick-host-checkout-v1-0.

Hire us to complete your upgrade

Contact us today to request a free upgrade quote.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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