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You'll need to join our free affiliate program before you can create a partner page.


Have your own partner page created on our website which is hooked-up to our affiliate program so you will earn high commissions from any purchases made from your page. We will add your logo to the page which is then used throughout all pages on Zomex.com.

Do you provide reseller hosting?

If you provide reseller hosting you'll know how easy it is for customer's to get overwhelmed with starting their reseller hosting business. We provide templates which make it quick and easy and also provide configuration services which include configuring their reseller hosting account with WHMCS. By providing our web hosting templates and services to your customer's you will enhance their experience with your company and reduce the amount of canceled reseller hosting accounts due to your customer's not knowing how to get up and running.


multiple products/services

Earn commissions on everything

You will earn a commission on any purchases made via the iframe on your website.


Dynamically updated

As the contents of your page are updated and maintained by us so there is no work involved for you. Simply promote the URL we provide to your customer's and we will take care of the rest.

realtime statistics

Realtime reports & statistics

We provide real-time statistics as well as a monthly email report with information on any new clicks, conversions and commissions you have generated.

quick affiliate payouts

Quick & reliable affiliate payouts

We pay our affiliates when requested once the low payment rate of $30 is reached! Payments are made via PayPal or check ($2.50 delivery fee).

free to join

Completely free

Our affiliate program is free and there's no minimum limits

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