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WHMCS security - NEW

There are further steps that can be completed to improve the security of your WHMCS. We have a lot of experience with WHMCS and have created 2 levels of security package (you can select your preferred level during checkout):

Level 1: This involves completing the WHMCS recommend extra security steps (renaming the admin directory, moving certain directories so they are not publicly accessible (outside of public_html) and we will also check your file setup/structure and notify you of anything that may be putting your website at risk) - these changes are safe when completing future upgrades.

Level 2: This involves everything listed in level 1 and the removal of all un-used modules/gateways/servers. As WHMCS is built in a modular way it allows you to delete the files of any un-used modules without effecting your installation. By removing un-used modules you are reducing the security risk of your install as the less files your WHMCS is made up of the less potential for exploits. For example if you don't use the payment gateway 2CheckOut we will remove the 2CheckOut files. If a exploit is found in these files in future your install will be safe as the files won't exist on your WHMCS.

Note: The removal of module files from WHMCS is automatically un-done when WHMCS is upgraded in the future as the removed files are re-uploaded. But you may wish for us to perform this service during times of high security alert such as when security patches are released.

We recommend this service only if your WHMCS installation is already using the latest version and you wish to further enhance your security. If you aren't running the latest version of WHMCS we recommend our WHMCS upgrade service first and for most.

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WHMCS integration

This service involves taking your existing website's (whether it's HTML, Wordpress, Joomla or just about any format) design (header, footer, fonts, content container) and integrating it with a client area WHMCS template. The end result is a WHMCS template which matches the look and feel of your existing website. A client area/checkout process that matches your website's design/branding is vital as it increases the confidence of your customer's.

During checkout you'll be able to select from a number of WHMCS templates you can use as a base for your integration. We recommend choosing the new client area template from WHMCS named Six (demo) which is responsive, new to V6 and supports all of the functionality of WHMCS.

Our integration service is fantastic value of money carried out manually (no automatic tools) by those who have experience in the web hosting industry. We've been providing this service for many years and have many reviews on webhostingtalk.com.

If you don't have a existing website we provide many responsive WHMCS templates which are already fully-integrated using the Six template as a base. These templates are powerful and create a instant and fully functionality website which can be setup and customized easily.

Before and after example

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WHMCS configuration

This service includes all of the configuration required to start selling shared web hosting accounts fully automated allowing you to focus on your business. Whether you're using a reseller hosting account or you have a VPS/dedicated server for your business this service is a quick, easy and reliable.

Included configuration with this service is general settings, automation settings, 1 payment gateway of your choice (e.g PayPal), setup of up to 3 web hosting plans fully automated, 1 server, 3 support ticket departments (sales, billing, support) & automatic database backup.

Once we've finished your configuration we will also carry out a test to ensure that the automation is functioning correctly (2 screenshots will be provided).

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WHMCS installation

We will install the latest WHMCS version on your domain. This service is a quick and easy way to avoid having to install the software yourself. As with all of our services you rest easy knowing that it's carried out properly.

This service also includes the further security steps listed by WHMCS (unique admin folder name, attachments, downloads & templates_c folders moved from /public_html to /home) if requested.

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WHMCS upgrade

This is a complete upgrade service. Not only will we upgrade your WHMCS to the latest version but also ensure that customizations you've made to the language files and custom templates you've created are protected.

If you have any specific changes you'd like to protect please leave a note on your order (during checkout).

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Web hosting plan setup

Let us setup your web hosting packages for you in WHMCS & WHM. This service includes the setup and configuration of up to 3 cPanel based web hosting plans of your choice. Once finished web hosting accounts will be automatically setup in WHM & WHMCS once your client's payment has been made. Your client will also automatically receive a welcome email containing their login details.

Note: This service does not include reseller plans (WHMPHP, Zamfoo etc). Please contact support for prices.

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Enom reseller account setup

This service will allow you to resell domain names on your WHMCS website using a Enom reseller account. The great thing about this is your customers will be able to order, manage and renew domain names on your website without ever seeing Enom branding. Become your own domain registrar today!

Note: A Enom reseller account is required for this service, we can provide you with a free account or you can also get one from WHMCS.com with very good pricing. Enom require a $100 credit to be added to your account before you can start reselling domain names.

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Move WHMCS install location

We will move WHMCS from one location to another. For example your current install could be domain.com/whmcs and would like it moved to domain.com/clients

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Hi i have asked zomex to do my config and integration for me, in 8 hours time i got a reply from zomex ( Jack ) that says , your integration and configuration is finished.. I can truly say that zomex delivers a GREAT product and service. I will recommend anyone to zomex

Geo | Maximusmateo.com

I needed someone to do it all; build my website, integrate it with WHMCS, configure my WHMCS and make it all automated. After looking around I came across Zomex. I looked no further and couldn't be more happy! Jack did exactly what I needed and in record time. My project was treated as though it was their very own. The service at Zomex is second to none. Look no further than Zomex for your next project. You WILL be satisfied!

Steven Ring | Capturedhost.com

I have been a member of WHT for several years now and always see bad reviews so after working with Jack I knew I had to come give him the props he deserves. I want to be clear that this was not work done for the company that is usually in my signature but a small local company that I own................... Posted on webhostingtalk.com


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WHMCS templates

Premium web hosting templatesDon't have a website yet? Not to worry, we provide a selection of premium quality web hosting templates built specifically for WHMCS. With our templates you can either use just WHMCS for your whole website or use Wordpress for your main website with WHMCS installed in a sub-directory (our Wordpress themes feature automatic WHMCS integration). Our templates also come with our exclusive control panel (Wizard Panel) so HTML experience isn't required. They are also quick and easy to setup.

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Why Zomex?

We have over 5 years experience in XHTML/CSS and working with WHMCS. We have completed over 200 WHMCS integrations and worked with over 400 clients relating to WHMCS services. Every service we carry out is to the upmost high standard without the use of any tools/automation ensuring that quality isn't compromised. What sets us apart from the competition is our experience in the web hosting industry, this allows us to setup your website as we have for our own web hosting business (to much success).

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We're passionate about WHMCS

We are very passionate about WHMCS & the web hosting industry.

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The quality of our support is unmatched

If you speak to anyone who has ordered our WHMCS services you will hear about the great support we offer.

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Proven track record

We've provided WHMCS services for many years resulting in a fantastic amount of client testimonials & feedback.


What is WHMCS?

WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is a all in one billing, client management & support solution for online businesses. It's generally used by web hosting providers because it has built in modules to allow automatic web hosting account provisioning but it's also used by many other types of businesses such as web design companies and digital product providers. WHMCS is a very diverse solution used by small businesses and even multi-million dollar companies.

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