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How to install your WHMCS template

Recommended reading

Where to find the template files, CSS, & images

Quick setup guide (no HTML experience needed)

The tutorials below are all that's required to get up and running!. They will allow you to get setup correctly with a professional website ready for business in under 1 hour.

Wizard Panel (settings area) - Easily apply your plan names, specs, links, display options, remove/show pages & more!

How to add your plans to your WHMCS template - the most important step

Advanced guides (HTML experience recommended but not required for all)

The guides listed below are for users who wish to make more advanced edits to the template. These are not required to comfortably launch your web hosting business but will allow you to enhance our product.

How to change the hosting type of default pages - This guide will show you how to change the default hosting pages to just about any types


Where to find and edit text in the template


How to setup content/text to support multiple languages

How to create custom pages

How to add links to the menu

How to make a page use full width (no sidebar)

How to setup the SEO functions for custom pages

How to show content/code on selected pages

How to integrate live chat software


How to move WHMCS to another directory - We recommend that WHMCS is installed in the root of your domain ( rather than a sub-directory ( for the best results

How to enable SSL (https://) across your template

How to redirect pages from https:// to http://

Error fixes

How to fix layout error after enabling SEO friendly URLS

Template specific

Some guides only apply to a single template, these guides are broken down into the following categories:


You can check which version you're running in the file: templates/your_template/template-info.txt.

Guides showing you how to update your WHMCS template:

How to update to support WHMCS V7.1

How to update to support WHMCS V7

How to update to Wizard Panel V1.6

How to update to support WHMCS V6.3

How to update to Wizard Panel V1.4

How to update to support WHMCS V6.2

How to update to support WHMCS V6.1.1

How to update to support WHMCS V6.1

How to update to support the WHMCS V6 client area template (Bootstrap)

How to update to support WHMCS V6

How to update to support WHMCS V5.3.12

How to update to support WHMCS V5.3.11

How to update to support WHMCS V5.3.7

whmcs template documentation

whmcs services


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